About us

Good design has no deadline

CAD DESIGN STUDIO is formed by highly educated interior and furniture designers with extensive experience, specializing in 3d modeling, 3d visualization and interior and furniture design.

When designing, we especially emphasize the role of details and carefully selected materials. We believe in the power of materials such as stone, concrete, wood and glass, whose unique character defines the entire space that defies stereotypes.

This suggests a continuing need to study the relationships between form and function. Free thinking and a deep understanding of design processes help us create an interesting, bold and original concept.

Why do we value simplicity? Because, as Leonardo da Vinci once said – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. We are minimalists who strongly believe in simple but not necessarily easy solutions.

Tzvetozara Aleksandrova

CAD DESIGN STUDIO was established in 2021 by Tsvetozara Aleksandrova, an interior designer who gained her extensive design experience from studying at the New Bulgarian University and working in one of the most qualified studios in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Her signature is characterized by clean materials transformed into timeless design. An approach that covers all aspects, together with respect and a deep understanding of the client’s needs. Spatial functionality, simplicity, light and creating a home are at the core of her vision.

We are inspired by our own worldview and the lifestyle of our clients, so each project has the unique characteristics of its owner and creator working in a successful alliance.

Customer Reviews

Tzvetozara is an exceptional professional and I am more than satisfied with her work on our project.

It felt exactly what we wanted in two words and didn't even have to make a single change, neither to layouts nor to visuals, which is just amazing! I also recommended it to my friends, who were also very satisfied.

Stanislava Andonova

The communication is top notch, the vision and execution of the project happened on time, and the end result exceeded my expectations!

Recommend to anyone looking for professionalism, attitude and attention to detail!

Milan Djevelekov